Watchface as weather widget. Credits: for weather icons

Watchface as weather widget.

Credits: for weather icons.


In the comments the second version



2nd version download:


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Thanks @Daniel_Paluch - are the icons updating with weather data from the watch ?
Very nice work

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yes, weather data and moon phases :slight_smile:

@Daniel_Paluch Fantastic :slight_smile: Thanks
Is it dependant on using Eric’s launcher ?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​​ No. Everything should work correctly also on other launchers that support the clockskin folder. In the future, however, I plan to perform watchface with animation and then Eric Launcher will be required

@Daniel_Paluch Cool - thanks again

amazing, thanks:)


@sonia_sophie_ataunna does your watch recognize if it’s night or day on the symbols?

on my kw99? i have’nt downloaded it yet, i’ll do and notify here.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna oh i thought u have a h2 what happened to it? Greets

@Jurgen_Oberst her H2 got damaged by sweat getting into the speaker slot :frowning:
Sadly - because it is salt water it corroded the board …Microwear have been informed and we hope to see a better rear cover soon.

@Jurgen_Oberst most likely i will buy a new one?:)))

Oo then we have to be careful not to sweat lol that’s not cool hmm just looked at mine and you both are right the speaker slot is really easy to access by any kind of liquid but the sim slot is a joke it feels like its made of paper. Maybe we should warn the h2 owners here and on the boards. I like the watch so far.

@Jurgen_Oberst I am going to talk to them about it in a few weeks.
@sonia_sophie_ataunna if you can wait - I will get you one when I am there…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 cool thank you! Can you mention that they screwed up the weather as well one minute ago I found out the watch crashes when it has to show negative degrees. Yesterday I updated the weather it was -3 watch crashed went back to the first stock watchface. Now updated weather again it’s 0 degrees and everything is working properly again lol still watch doesn’t know to show moon at night. My cheap s1 plus didn’t have such problems at all. Greets!

@Jurgen_Oberst Thanks - yes the negative degrees is a known issue to the firmware team. I will be compiling a list of problems to fix before I go. I will be going in early March hopefully.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 cool thank you :blush:

It’s a pity that the drive will not be downloaded …