Watchface 2019 2020

Hiii… Need new watch faces Beautiful and distinctive designs please Everyone shares what he has

There are already lot of faces shared on here . People post what they want to share and keep what they dont ? Why not look around in our round and square faces section.


What kind of clock or launcher do you want?

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Just to remind you that skin pack are not allowed here.


My watch type is finow x7

Look in the round custom faces category then, there are many beautiful watchfaces there


Can you tell me its strap is replaceable or not ?Some says removable, some says no.

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It’s not removable per se, but if you broke the strap you can replace it with a specific strap for the watch… It’s not removable in the normal sense, like you can’t use generic bands on watches with a fixed strap as the antenna is present in the strap for better connectivity

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I like to tear the strap and put the all anteena in watch it self. Will it work or not because finow x7 is in steel casing.

well they don’t provide a in package quick release strap. (So sad). But you can use a spring bar link remover tool to replace new strap. Measure the lug width, and most probably these FAWs have 24mm lug width. Buy a quick release 24 strap and get it changed.
flipkart link - Springbar tool

quick release strap example

imo the network connectivity will be poor, external antennas are always better


Sure noooo… But watch fantastic