Watchdroid Multimedia storage location issue

Hi everyone, newbie to the group. After being on galaxy watch 4 i decided i wanted a full android experience so bought the Lemfo Lem16. Loving it so far and have just installed the watchdroid app, which is miles superior to the wiiwatch app.
Ive installed it and when i try to set the storage for whatsapp multimedia files it defaults to my sim card. If i try to edit the address it only lets me go back levels, but not to the phone itself. Hope that makes sense? Does anyone else know how i can change this please? Ive tried removing the sd card, deleting data for the app then starting again but it still defaults to the same address.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: not sure if it is sd card, but ive attached a ss showing the file path.

Resolved: didnt do anything, but maybe just needed some time for the app to sync and download. Just received audio messages and they both gave me the option to download.

Liking the watchdroid app works really well and means i can text replies on sms and WhatsApp just as i need it to when using phone as main device :upside_down_face: