WatchClickSkin forced on in battery cleaner with fw2.5b


It seems, with firmware 2.5, that WatchClockSkin gets special treatment in the background cleaner. If I try to add it to the apps excluded from battery saver, it is immediately switched on again.

In this video I demonstrate that every time I return to battery saver, it is switched on. I also show that when I switch off other apps, they are permanently off.

This means that my watchface is killed now and then, which is of course a bad experience, and even very bad if you were running a timer in the watchface, as you loose the information of how much time was left…

You need to turn off both watchclockskin and preferences app, because they are from the same APK.


Thanks, you are (of course) right. That worked thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

When I go to the battery optimization apps list, I only find WatchClockSkin though. Why are they not both in there ?

They are both there, one is ‘watchclokskin’ and the other is ‘setings’ next to the last being an icon with a watch face

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Yes, in the background cleaner section, but further in settings there is a battery optimization list of apps, and there they are not both…