Watch with headphone jack

Has anyone ever come across an android watch with a headphone jack?

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None that are known to me…
But, there might be some kind of crazy unsupported wearable Android device out there that could contain a socket for headphones…

Most people just use Bluetooth.


The last one I had with a headphone jack was my Neptune Pine.

It had some issues with needing to side load the play store but worked on android 4. something.

The headphone jack was wired so it only worked with the supplied headphones too. If you are looking to use an FM radio function that uses the headphone wire as a antenna then I think most companies a have gone to streaming radio with blue tooth headphones.

Yes in fact it was the FM radio service which interested me in this concept. I picked up a new release Nokia XR20 phone which has a headphone jack and FM radio, I was quite surprised in this day and age to see it - fairly basic tech which should easily be adaptable for a full android watch.

Extremely unlikely.
It’s far more economical for the manufacturers to let people use digital radio and BT technology to achieve the same outcome.
I’m only saying this because it has already been explored by the companies that make these FAWs and its not going to happen.
As I said before, unless you find some Android device that doesn’t come to our attention.
Curious to know though - have you tried an FM radio app on your watch, with BT headphones?
Because there is a possibility that the built in antennas will work.
I have used radio scanner apps personally and had no problems with it…
Just a suggestion :+1:


FM radio app? sounds interesting. Now I’ll have to lay on it this weekend.


In the meantime this is an excellent lightweight internet radio app that fills the void! Works well on FAW firmware watches.