Watch Maker Problem

Hi Everyone, I have both apps (WatchAwear and Watch Maker) installed on my phone I have been select some watchfaces from the WatchAwear catalog and save them on the Watch Maker app (they are all on “My Watches” file) but some of them didn´t show the option “Export/Share Watch” .
Did anybody know how download this wtchfaces (the ones that did´t show the option "Export/Share Watch).

Or someone knows a place like “facerepo” where I can download them, Thanks in Advance

  1. We are not allowed to talk about watchmaker here.
  2. Usually faces that do not show in export are purchased watchfaces which the author do not want to have shared by other means. It is considered fraud to look for methods to try to get them out in other ways.
  3. There are some groups on MeWe where some free watchmaker faces are shared for direct download e.g. from Dropbox or Google drive. Afaik it is ok to download and use those.
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let’s start at the beginning. Do you use UL on your watch? The stock launcher is not suitable for .watch use.

Yes I´m Using Universal Launcher, And the watchfaces I choose are the “Free” ones, so I can manage to install most of them but some didn´t show the option “Export/Share Watch” as I mention before.

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If you bought watchmaker premium or such package, you have access to some faces. That doesn’t make them free though.
The designer of a watchface can allow/forbid the export function, so when you find one where the export doesn’t work, the designer signals to you that he doesn’t want his work exported from the Watchmaker ecosystem. As I said, they consider it fraud to try, and even more to keep going after being informed…

I´m on the section “Watchmaker Watch faces FREE” ( in WatchAwear") And I choose the ones I like, so they´re on the section “FREE” I REPEAT “FREE” Some of them i can download but some others didn´t show the option “Export/Share Watch” .if they are not for free why they are in the “Watchmaker Watch faces FREE” ???, if the designer doesn’t want his work exported Why are they in the free file???you mention there is a fraud try to download them, BUT THEY ARE IN THE FILE " “WATCHMAKER WATCH FACES FREE” you just post “something” but you don´t answerd the question I request…If you don´t have nothing to do…well do it elswhere

Thank you, I will follow that advice :ok_hand:

Once again, as @Dotsfar already said: This is not the place to talk about watchmaker. If some faces work allow export and can be used with UL- take it like a Bonus. But watchmaker is made for android wear- not for full android watches.
Please let us stop this discussion now.