.watch in Finow X5 AIR

OMG! Universal Launcher is so awesome! So many options yet simple! works flawlessly! No battery issues! My deepest respect to the universal launcher developer - Mr.Eric. He made my dream came true - using watchface/watchwear in my x5 air! As an amateur, first I couldn’t understand how to get to the .watch file. Now I understand! A small guide for people who needs to know:
Just install the watchwear-companion app (or watchmaker) in mobile > Open it > Tap install buton of any watch you like > The .watch file will be saved in the downloads - watchawear folder > copy the file to the clockskin folder of your watch. Voila! Many thanks to the developer!


No watchwear folder in downloads …:thinking:

Did you check your default download location? Because in my Android phone (Huawei), the default download location is internal memory. So I found that folder in internal downloads. I installed watchawear-companion in another device (Samsung), where the watchawear folder was in default sd card’s downloads.