Watch identification and available firmware

Firmware for an unknown watch

I have recently bought APPLLP 2 PRO but did something stupid with it (maybe more on that some other time) and later decided to buy another watch. I have compromised quantity over quality this time and decided that 4GB RAM is enough (vs 6) and an Android older than 11 should also be fine (considering I’ve already had good experience with 4.4+) so I got this thing 98.02€ 50% OFF|4Gb 128Gb Smart Watch Heren 1.6 Inch Scherm Sim Wifi 4G Netwerk 1000Mah Batterij Herinnering Gps Waterdichte App Installatie| | - AliExpress

I have no idea what brand it was even supposed to be, it shows up as H08, and in fact I really do hate it more with every minute I use it. Coming from APPLLP 2 PRO, would definetly NOT RECOMMEND. There is no enter key on a keyboard. There are no custom watch faces. A lot of apps don’t work, control panel is missing a lot of settings. I can’t even remember everything that is wrong with this watch from the top of my head, so I’ll move on to the point.

Is there any other firmware supposedly compatible with this thing? I’m getting the feeling that even partially compatible firmware would be better than original.

Thanks a lot.

Did you factory reset before 1st use ? Maybe worth a try

Installing universal launcher may give you the chance to use custom faces ( worked recently for me on two watches that didnt support them )

As its a watch we dont support cannot offer much else.



Thanks for the suggestions. I have already tried installing Universal launcher, however it’s another one of those things that do not work because the default launcher can not be set/changed. I doubt a factory reset will help, but I will try when I get home.

I am currently waiting for LEM16, but I was hoping I could still get some use out of this thing. The hardware looks similar enough that it may be compatible with something you do support, I would need some help determining what that is though. And I’m not expecting a 100% compatibility… I don’t mind if the camera does not work if at least I can use a custom watch face / launcher or have a keybord that I can use.

Its not a easy as that ( screen differences etc ) . The only person who maybe can help is @pablo11 but as we dont support all watches its upto him . Thanks

You are right @Dr_Andy_Vishnu we can’t do anything about this model to help. It is a locked down solution and no support available.
Sorry @OorKot