Watch Helper without linkloss tone.

Watch Helper without linkloss tone.


I played a little bit with the Watch Helper apk. I disabled the tone, when the watch the signal lost. The Message for the Link Loss is already shown, but without this … tone.
I made this with the version that comes with the finow x5. Maybe it works with other watches too.


Tested and aprouved !! Thanks

Doesnt work on Android 7.1.1… App works itself but doesnt connect to the watch :frowning: 2 bad

KW 88 build number 15122016

@Sasa_Petrovic witch software you use for connection. Maybe I can do the same in your app.

None :slight_smile: i’m curently trying to find ANY software that will work on 7.1.1… M2D works for a while and then stops sending notifications after few minutes :frowning: wiiware just crashes :frowning: really bad luck :frowning:

Ok, that’s not good. I’m not an android developer. As I wrote, I only played with the apk and find a solution to make it quite.

I know :slight_smile: its no problem… :slight_smile: I’ll keep looking :slight_smile: hopefully something will come up :

Tested on my D5 + and it works very well. Thank you