Watch Faces ".watch"

Where can I find the Watch Faces “.watch” quickly?
If I read correctly they work with Universal Launcher, right?
Is there a way to convert .watch files to Kospet Prime launcher format?

Since this community is intended for fullandroid watches, you will not find any “.watch-faces” here.
There is no program that converts this format to clockskin.
But if you look around the sections of this forum, you will find many thousands of watchfaces in clockskin format. Most of them will work on your watch.


Thanks, I’ve seen there are so many. Is there a section dedicated to interactive watchfaces?

No, no special section for these, but you might try the search button

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…watch file look like for wear device . and watch file is ZIP format , you can open it , get PNG file .

Link to
Check spoiler “Циферблаты для WatchMaker (*.watch)” (Watchfaces for Watchmaker)