Watch faces in alphabetical order

Please help me how to set watch faces in alphabetical order in Universal launcher. Thanks in advance

Just hit the sort by name in the double touch menu…


Hi Eric, a little help from u if possible please. Love the UL by the way :+1: I was always using change faces by date but recently the screen Greys out & freezes 4 a bit then I have 2 choose home app again & so on. Works perfectly ok changing faces by name. Would u av any idea’s please, I would b very grateful. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I have no idea why it asked you again to choose your default launcher, but if everything works well again, there’s nothing to worry about.

Thank you @Eric_Crochemore for help. I getting little old, it was before my eyes but I couldn’t see it :slight_smile:. Please also solve another problem, it seems, its harder to scroll down through the UL general settings. Whenever i tried to scroll down, the page change to main screen where the watchface is shown instead of scrolling down and showing another setting. I am using Kospet hope. Please solve my problem and Thank you in advance.

It works ok when changing by name but not by date which is my preferred option as I have a lot of faces on my Kospet Hope. By date means I can choose the latest faces, by name means I have 2 sort through the alphabet :disappointed:

Ok, so you’re saying that the app crashes when sorting by date… I will check what can make it crash. On your side, there’s probably something you have done recently … maybe a new skin ?

Yes it’s a known issue, the Android os has difficulties to inform the app which part is visible, that’s why. I have to find a work around this os bug…


It’s been happening 4 a while but would right itself but probably the last 3 months it hasn’t :disappointed: Thank you 4 taking the time 2 reply 2 me & for having a look into it, I realise u get many requests from people. I do appreciate rt, thanks. Good luck​:crossed_fingers:

Could you try this version ? I have added a correction.


Hi Eric, I’ve uninstalled app from watch & installed this one, unfortunately it did not solve my issue :disappointed:

Can you provide the list of files and directory in your clockskin directory ?

Eric, I don’t understand what u mean :thinking: Do u mean what’s in the clockskin folder on the watch?

Yes, the list of files. If the sort is crashing, maybe there’s something special with your file names… But i’ve already added any crash catching, so i’m not very optimistic…

I have over 2 thousand faces in my watch clockskin folder, That will take forever, lol.