Watch faces for lemfo lem x

Hi all!
My name is John.
Thank you for add me in this community!!!
I d like to ask you where I can find free watch faces for my lemfo lem x.
Thank you!

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This place is the right start to find skins. Most of them will work, only universal faces requires my launcher to work.

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@Desmojohn the round faces topic is definitely a good start. There are many designers that design their faces for, or to be compatible with, the flat tire design. You may just have to search a bit. If you’re interested in designing, Watchface Designer (WFD) by @Marco_Ferreira, has a tick-able option to design for flat tires. It’s obviously not compatible with square designs, but if you have the LemX, that’s not really an issue. Also, @SmartWatch_Ticks did a video on YouTube about LemX friendly faces: the Smartwatch Ticks - 70+ faces for LemX It was done before we switched over to here, but it’ll give you an idea of what to look for. It may even be downloadable.


Thank you very much for informations.

But I can really understand how can I go to a specific link that contains a clock skins for my watch.
I m sorry for my ignorance.

Start here :

Ok my friend. I download this face in link. But how can I install it as a face to my watch?

Copy the unzipped folder of the watch face into the clockskin folder of your watch.

Hello i hope someone can help me i have been trying to download watch faces on my Lemfo X i keep hitting a brick wall ! After the down load the screen is black i look forward to hearing from you Cheers Rob

You have to unpack it first. The LEM X can’t handle zipped files.
Download the files to your computer, unzip it and push the unpacked files to the clockskin folder.

Another possibility is “clockskin transfer”:


Download and install it on your watch. If done you can download a watchface to a smartphone or a PC. Open clockskin transfer in your watch. Then open any browser, type the URL that is displayed on your watch to your Browser.
After connecting you can upload a (zipped) file to your browser. A unzipped file will be installed on your watch.

Thank so much for quick response and your time Cheers…

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