Watch faces can now be submitted to Finow @ Can someone kindly highlight

Watch faces can now be submitted to Finow @

Can someone kindly highlight this.

Is there any specific procedure that people need to follow to submit their work?
Is there any assurance that the creators will be credited for their work - given that the items will now be available to absolutely anyone who purchases one of these devices?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the idea but I’m looking out for our community members and their work.

Hi Pablo. Apologies my message was a bit vague but I literally posted it before I caught a flight to Australia. I’m currently replying from the air.

I have mentioned to Jessie about crediting works where possible.

As you can hopefully understand, this is a bit of a work in progress, so hopefully once they get it up and running they can maybe do something like adding a new section on the website to give credits where they are due.

I asked on XDA quite a while back if anyone had any objections and no one came back to say they didn’t want their work made available through the Finow server. To date the first batch collection from xda was sent on. I have not passed anything else on and to be honest I don’t have a lot of time to chase this. I asked if this would be possible and they have come back and done it. I think sharing of the faces can only help the development and lifespan of this watch (in my opinion).

Files should be submitted to the email in a folder that is zipped - much like the way they are now as downloads. This is the easiest way. I’m not sure about file sharing. Google drive links probably won’t be accessible by their staff unless through a VPN. Chinese file sharing links should be fine.

As mentioned above, this is something I have been chasing as I think it will help in the development of new faces and allow anyone to share their faces with the wider community of users.

From now on it is up to the creators of they wish to submit or not.

Also on a final point, if a user spots their face in use and objects, please send an email to that address for the attention of Jessie. She will remove it.

Thanks for clarifying this @C_For ​. It’s important for users to understand where they stand with something like this.