Watch face with agenda

Hello guys!

I’m searching for a watch face with agenda, taken on calendar. Is there any way to get this?

My watch: Lemfo Lem 12 Pro.

No, not in Clockskin format. I know it works in the “.watch” format. But I’m not sure if @Eric_Crochemore 's universal launcher supports calendar functionality. Stocklauncher will not work.

normally it does, but i’ve not tested this…


Ok not to worry.

Apart: How you set universal launcher into device manager (lemfo lem12 pro)??

Everytime I set as default launcher, it closes often… I mean is not stable.

You have to use the last version on the forum, make sure it’s not in the battery cleaner. Then on A10, it’s not running so well…


Furthermore, unrestricted data access must be approved.


Will you update it?