Watch Face on Lem T with nova Launcher

I have spent many hours reading the very informational posts on this board but one of the main things that I need to know I have not come across yet. I know it is out there, I just can not find it. I will be receiving my Lem T next Wednesday and plan to put Nova Launcher on it. The question is how do I get a watch face to appear on the screen when the watch is powered off just like it does with the stock launcher. Thanks in advance!

Sorry but do not understand the question . A watch face does not appear on the watch when powered off ? How could it if its off ?
If you are talking about AOD " always on display " thats a different thing

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the standard clock is not displayed on the screen (this is done by the standard launcher). you can set the clock widget. the “always on display” AOD function is only available in the AMOLED watch firmware ’

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I don’t understand what the “AMOLED watch firmware” is.
What I want is using Nova Launcher a way to quickly turn the watch on and check the time and turn the watch off again. You know, use the watch as a real watch. I don’t know how to do that using an alternative launcher such as Nova.

the “Always on display” mode only works on devices with AMOLED screens.
your Lem T watch has an IPS screen installed.

You can use nova launcher with stock watchfaces. I’ve used it before you need to buy nova prime first, then set main activity as a double tap option in nova settings. I think that’s what you mean? Cheers

personally, I didn’t find this item in the settings. Can you help me?

Nova settings, gesture and imputs then change whatever you want like doubke tap action to main if you double tap the nova launcher screen it will show the main activity which is your standard launcher.
You must have nova prime foe this feature.