Watch face for me

Hello can you create this watch face for me? Thank you


Download: - Google Drive


Well done @Edward !!! :+1: :+1: Who’d have thought that you would have had such an artistic flair for Floral arrangements! :crazy_face: :rofl:
Seriously mate, nice face and done so quickly! :+1: Cheers, “Does Edward own an Inter-flora store”? :rofl:, Doons

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No I don’t own a floral shop! She made it real easy, supplying #1 what the end product would look like and #2 the background graphic.

I stray away from request that are text based in what they are looking for. I’ve worked hours on requests that I perceive in what they want. Only to be told that’s great but they want a skin changed. So, it never ends.


I know where your coming from Mate! :+1: And yes Barbara did make it easier by supplying the graphic…but still you turned it out so fast! Almost before the ink was dry on the post! :+1: :+1: Cheers, Doons


they actually have that watch face blank on aliexpress…no hands just the backdrop with the numbers…some of my faces come from some of those pics.

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