Watch Face development installation

Hi, could someone point me in the right direction.
I’d like to change the watch face on my Ticwris Max S watch but i appear to be going around the houses trying to find out how to do the install.
Is there a link to somewhere that details how it is done.

Ideally I’d like to configure the Home screen links for the apps I mostly use

Thanks, Jim

You can connect your watch via USB to your computer. Unpack the downloaded ZIP’s and put them in the clockskin folder.
Another way: Install Clockskin Transfer on your watch. Open it and enter the displayed IP adress in the Browser of any device to push the file it to the watch. Both devices have to use the same WIFI to transfer.


Thanks for getting back to me. Where are these zip files or IP addresses.
Feel like I’m missing something obvious and please believe me i’ve looked all around this site.
Regards, Jim

If you download a watchface, for example here from the forum, it’s a zipped clockskin folder.
If you download and open clockskin transfer on your watch, a IP adress will be displayed on your watch. Enter this IP address in the address bar of the browser of the device from which you want to transfer the ZIP file.