Watch droid who is calling?


I’m pretty much happy with Watch droid but I did not find how you know who is calling. Even with enable bluetooth “sync contacts” I can’t see who is calling. I sync google’s agenda but it doesn’t work either.

Can you help me?

Install this app on your phone and use it istead of the stock phone app:
-[APP][PATCHED] Google Phone v53+BLACK THEME [NO ROOT] | XDA Developers Forums

This will make it work.


I can see who is calling me, although I use the native phone app in my galaxy note10+


Thank you it’s working!! Another way is to change default app on Watchdrod. I change it to stock huawei’s phone and is working too!!


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yes watch droid is perfect but one thing i am looking for Bluetooth dialing.

Are you talking about Bluetooth calling? You won’t find anything, it’s not possible since Android 5.

No sir, only Bluetooth dialer i just want to dial from the watch so no need to take out the phone.
Most i uses Bluetooth earphones for talking
Please if there is some kind of app is present please tag me. its my very humble request.

You have to use an older version of Watch Droid 9.0 or earlier. It will allow you to dial calls on your phone from the watch.

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really sr does older version has dialer

It has an option to dial 6 presets and a phone option. I am currently not using that version.

This shows the phone icon on the far right.

This shows my screen when you tap the phone icon. I shows the selected contacts and the contacts and phone option. When you select a preset it dials that number on your phone. As I understand it, when Google made certain changes to the security requirements it would not allow this feature to work and after version 9.0 was where the change took place.

but sir why you are not using this version this is cool feature
so basically its only for speed dial

I am trying the latest version to see how well it works. I believe the middle icon opens the contacts option.

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will it work on Android 11 phone

no…since android 10 on the phones it will work but the app has to stay not only open in the background, but on your screen as well, so not doable…the only way for it to work is watch droid 9 on a phone with android 9 max…

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thanks sir for the app but i tested watch droid 9 on Android 11 phone not good.

only watch droid from playstore is running good. Hope the watch droid devlopers update for the dialer like older watch droid

To be honest i was gutted when the dialer option was removed also . Sadly we are in the minority