Watch droid app

I am using kospet optimus
With watch droid app
But however i am receiving notifications 2 times
Suppose take WhatsApp
I am getting 1 from WhatsApp logo in notification after same notification with watch droid logo

Any one please assist is there settings need to be made on watch droid app

Disable all the notifications of watch-droid in the watch settings

Disable wiiwatch2, use just watch droid.

Is it advisable to simply uninstall WiiWatch if we are using Watch Droid?

Yes you can uninstall.

Ok, during first setup should I just go with watch Droid from the beginning without even installing wii watch?

Yes . You will love it :+1:

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Download WatchDroid versions 9.0 for both apps. Turn off auto updates in Play store to keep from updating the app. This will give you full access to all the functions that were removed by the Google restrictions.


Turned off notifications in watch for watchdroid app
And even battery is getting just only 1day
Anything to tweak for that