Watch bezel broken :(

Hi, the Watch bezel on my Kospoet Optimus 2 watch has been broken :(,

found that the bezel is actually made of ceramic , I must have hit the bezel on some hard corner or surface, but still hope that the bezel can be made of stronger material that is not brittle,

the broken part leave out a small hole directly into the inside of the watch, which is easy to let in water…

Sorry to hear, i thought you just wanted new watch (other thread), if you look into garmin fenix 6x and 7x they have the same size of our watches they are the only ones that i found that fit, i havent bought yet cos im looking for something more feminine.

I’ve already seen the photos of the damaged bezel. A very annoying damage. However, I must say that there have been no damaged bezels on this watch so far. I therefore think that the material is a good choice in principle. You’re probably just unlucky. :slightly_frowning_face:


While ceramic is good to avoid scratches, hitting it with harder materiales (Metals, other ceramics) can be a little too much

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Sorry but where is the damage?

There’s a crack at 10:00.


Thanks, it is so stright that i didnt even think it is a damage.
This is one of the disadvantages of FAWs lack of parts:/

Maybe 'cause there are all Chinese… :sweat_smile:
That and the poor quality control on some of them…

I have to admit that this is a sentence that drives me crazy. It definitely has nothing to do with poor quality control in this case. It is user generated damage. No quality control in the world can prevent something like that.


Sorry Gin, wasn’t said to turn you mad. Delete it you want it. I said that cause I’ve seen a couple of videos where a user made a test of one FAW and a right side button just brook off the watch in the middle of the video.
Another issue was with my first LEMP: duplicated IMEI with a 2012 cellphone model. Can you believe that?? And it had a label inside of the box saying ‘quality test: passed ok’.
Maybe I’m just wrong anyway. On the other hand, my last LEMP works really perfect, nothing to say at respect.

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As a FAWs user for a long…time i have to say only good thing of these watches they do have come a long way, my work field i have damaged so many watches that after few weeks stopped working and today im quite pleased. I had samsung watchescand every time after a while of isage gave them away they just…bord me, great baytery life but .
.i dont know i guess i prefer to see my watch as independent part of my phone than companion. But i do like to see more colors and different sizes of the same watch, i do believe it will get more users, it sad that the future of FAWs isnt clear or good as,i dont see myself as Wear user or any other watches , price isnt the problem as there areany under the 200USD and more beautiful female watches and still dont see myself buying one or stick to them.

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I don’t think FAWs gonna disappear or something like that. Cellphones hadn’t evolution too much on the last years either and still exists. I don’t know if the FAWs sales volume is good or bad, but I think there are a very, very good option for those of us who are not happy with Wear OS and his limited capabilities.

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