Watch backing removal

Has anyone managed to successfully remove the backing of the watch via the four screws? I had a quick peak, but it looks like circuitry is attached to the backing plate.

I need to remove the backing as the small sim card door is no longer securing to the backing plate and I need to glue it in place to hold my sim card.

Yes, it quite easy. Just unscrew the screws and gently pry the backplate open. It could happen that the battery is sticked to the backplate, again, just gently pry it away.

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@Paul_Hewitt and @Bengan I do not recommend gluing the sim cover permanently.
It would be better to use a good quality tape to keep it in place - on the outside of the watch - rear cover if absolutely necessary.
Remember that it is easy to damage the watch by removing the rear cover and warranty will not cover such damage. If you have lost the sim cover or it is simply broken - we can probably arrange for a replacement sim cover to be sent.


What tape would you recommend? I have tried insulation tape but the door just bulges out over time. Yes to the replacement door if you can send me one?

For now I would just use a good quality duct tape - a small piece to get the job done.
I will contact Kospet and ask about the sim cover.
Is it the sim cover that is broken - not the rear casing ?

I have just spoken to Kospet and if you email them at they will help you with the sim cover :ok_hand:

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Ok. Hard to tell, but I suspect the cover being as it’s the weakest part.

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Curiosity got the better of me and I VERY carefully opened the back. Hope these pictures are helpful. Now that I see it open, I wonder if the battery can be upgraded with a higher mAh one?

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The short answer is no.
Not only will it be extremely difficult to fit another battery, given the additional power control circuitry - but also because the firmware has to be re-calibrated by the vendor.

Just saying…