WARNING - PLEASE READ - AGAIN !! Clones of other designer's work are popping


Clones of other designer’s work are popping up all over the place with no credits for the original designer. Faces from WatchAwear , Facer Pro and http://watchmaker.be.
This has got to stop. Please credit the designer from these sites or our relationship with them will be in trouble and we will be in trouble ! We are going to start removing any faces that are not properly credited from now on. It is such a simple thing to credit the designer and link to their work, and yet I find myself saying this every day. Enough is enough. +Ciro Danise+Andrew Davis+sonia sophie ataunna - please check any faces that appear like this and remove if not properly credited. It’s getting out of hand !!

Members - please spend the extra couple of minutes to credit your work.


Yep, well said.