Want to change my smartwatch

I have been using Kospet Prime watch for last 6 months now. It is working fine without any problems. But now i want to replace it with a new smartwatch which gives me altogether a new experience. Ofcourse i want a 4G watch which can act as an alternative to my smartphone.

At $300 price range, I have come up with two alternate smartwatches: 1) Galaxy watch LTE and 2) Ticwris MAX S

Galaxy watch tops in my list because of its stylish looks and slimmer/sleeker design. It will fit all my needs but at the cost of a limited apps because of TizenOS. On the other hand, i am also considering Ticwris watch because it perfectly replaces a smartphone.

Which watch should i go with? I would like to get suggestions from people here based on their experience.

Thanks for your support.

Well, this is the wrong forum for the discussion about the Galaxy watch.


I couldn’t live without my apps and always connected (standalone). So neither WearOS or TizenOS could do it for me, but everyone have different needs…


I had a Lem10 and switched to wear os with Fossil gen 5. Now I have the Prime 2 and I would not go back to the Fossil for any reason. For my needs the Prime 2 is the best smartwatch I’ve ever had. So think about what you need most.

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Galaxy Watches are not discussed or supported in this forum, however, you wont lose anything with the Ticwris Max S (I have a Max S as well as couple of round Android watches. The Max S is good and has the best battery life I’ve experienced in an Android smartwatch.

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Guys, i had ordered a galaxy watch LTE last week but did not find it a truly standalone watch. This watch cannot send/receive messages without the help of a phone. So, i have placed a return request.

I am again searching a full android watch for my needs.

The Max S has already been suggested in addition to the point that this is not a forum to discuss watches such as the Galaxy series. The LEM10 is an option if you prefer the squarish design but you need to understand that the Lem10 battery will get you through a day but is not quite as good as the rectangular Max S battery which is stronger.

I can offer nothing further.