W5 smartwatch reviews

What do you think about the w5 smartwatch I’m planning to order one 2gb 16gb I think it’s a fair deal for 50$ with sd card clot and removable battery
I just want to know how long is the battery life on this thing

It’s not a fullandroid watch in the real sense. It has a severely limited operating system. Nothing we support here. Sorry.

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What type of limitations u can do all the things like a usual phone right?

You mean whether one can telephone thereby? Well, it has a SIM card. So it should be possible.
But it cannot install and run apps.

It can it has an Play Store ;-;
I’m talking about the W5/H1 smartwatch

We do not support this watch. This forum is the wrong place to get information about this thing.

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That’s sad where can I get the info then

Not here, that’s for sure.

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Ok thank u