Vostok Europe Radio

Saw this one and decided to make it (WFD & PHOTOSHOP) hope you like it

The original:

The Watchface:

Credit: Vostok Europe https://vostok-europe.bg/


Excellent, thanks!

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Nice one Federodea1 ! :+1: :+1: I have a Vostok as part of my collection, but it certainly doesn’t have a face as vivid as this! Vostok has certainly become a major brand over the past few years…with increasingly high prices to match! :woozy_face: So having this on my Kospet will be a welcome, and inexpensive! :crazy_face: addition! Cheers, Doons

PS. Here is a shot of my Vostok, called “the Scuba Dude” it is the preferred version of the cheaper models.

Copyright Vostok watches


Great work . Thankyou

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Nice work, thanks.

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cool face!

You know actually you could make this 100% in WFD! There are many design tools there :slight_smile:
anyway, thanks I will get


Great Job!

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