Voice-to-Text On Kospet Prime SE

Hello all,
Over all I am quite happy so far after 5 days with my recently purchased Kospet Prime SE. It took me a while and some experimenting with settings (setting things on and off) in order to get a full day from the battery but the watch is standing up so far.

My question …
Does anyone know if text messages can be input\written via a speaking voice with the default system messaging app and the built in mic?

Sorry for asking what may appear to be basic things but I am still new to this watch and have found no instructions to address this query (and a few others). I am aware the watch has voice recording capacity available so … can you input text messages via voice and then send?

I use " google assistant " for this and other things . Works really well

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I don’t think you can install google assistant on the Prime SE, not enough memory. IDK. :upside_down_face:

To be honest that is meant to be the case but reading this forum some have had it working on SE ? @G1NT0N1C has one . Maybe he can confirm

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I would love to be able to put google assistant on my SE!

Haha . Didnt know you had one :+1: . Seriously though have read some have had it working :wink:

I tested it some month ago and it was working.

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On the SE?

Yes, on the SE.


I can absolutely confirm that Google Assistant is working on my Prime SE. I downloaded it from the play store and sincere thanks to Dr_Andy for the original advice.

I have already dictated several text messages via this method . so much easier than the little keyboard with my thick fingers.

Many thanks again.

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Your very welcome :+1: