Voice to text for lem x

Hello all

I just got my Lemfo Lem X.
When i go to create a message… I see microphone on upper right of keyboard.  I push it and nothing happens.

I also tried to install google keyboard (just like on regular mobile phone) and still no working microphone for voice to text.

voice to text is pretty critical for me to be able to text message or google internet search.

has anyone figured it out?  

Hi. I’m sure you probably figured this out by now, but I just got the Lemfo Lemx and was having the same issue about voice texting in messaging. I have found a very helpful video on YouTube titled "voice control " and now my voice texting works in the messaging app as well as the ok Google option.
Hope this helps anyone else

Since Google Assistant now do voice texting, has anyone tried it with this watch? Thanks.