Voice commands to phone


My intention with this post is to emulate good things that works in Android Wear but now on full Android Watches.

Is there any assistant that helps phone do something, but through watch??

Ex: “Call Melissa” (and then call is succeeded with phone).
“Send whatsapp”, “Send SMS”, etc…

Any thoughts?


The same my question.

Voice commands without Google assistant, so without internet connection…

Would love to know the answer too

LOL! A guy at work I was standing next to pulled out his cellphone and said “Call my wife”. I said " I already did"!. :partying_face:


Tasker might be your best bet :man_shrugging:t3:

I use Google assistant for pretty much everything. The watch works so well I hardly even touch my phone. The phone is always on silent and can never find it :man_facepalming:t3:

I think Tasker’s PlugIn “AutoVoice” is maybe available. (I’m trying to use it now) The PlugIn has feature of voice command on remote device. but I’m not sure.

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I’m talking about the Watch, not phone.
Lemfo lem 12 has 900maH battery and 3g internet connection consumes too much battery…so i put it on only when i Need It.

Understandable, my watch is only 800mah but I do have a charging dock I can wear on the wrist so that helps with battery life.

I’ve almost eliminated my phone from every day use. The watch is used for pretty much everything.

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