VICTORINOX Swiss Army Maverick Sport Chronograph skin.

VICTORINOX Swiss Army Maverick Sport Chronograph skin. Enjoy and “+1” for good karma :slight_smile:
Right dial - seconds
Left dial - minutes (by 30)
Bottom dial - hours.
Small numbers under date window is a battery level.
Download -
Original design -



for me this is the best one i never get !!! Thanks a lot

@Saint_supery_Jean_mi Thanks! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Very good! Congrats!

Ruslan! You wizard. High quality of graphics and design. Super watch face . Thanks!

@Sher_Akiloff Thanks, man :slight_smile:

Awesome face! Thanks for making this Ruslan. Only point of criticism,cant you get rid of the shadow on top of the face? And it would be awesome if you can make the green/grayish square dots at the outer side of the bazel/ring light up green when the second hand touches it. :smiley:

excellent work, u r so talented…:smiley: many thanks…

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best of the best…thx

Very Good, looks decent!

Perfekt, 100% top!

I use two hands for each on the hours, minutes and seconds (and sub-dials)… the top is the actual hand and the then a shadow hand is directly underneath… the shadow is off-set by a few pixels… read this excellent posting (below) for more details… :slight_smile:

missing/deleted image from Google+

THANKS Ruslan Sokolovsky

@Andrew_Davis yeah, thanks! I saw that one. But i actually against of clear and visible sharp shadows, so i try to achieve more so-called “ambient occlusion” effect.

@Djallel_Benmdjahed thanks for the photo :slight_smile: its always cool to see how it works on other watches)

@Ruslan_Sokolovsky :wink:

oui tu as raison mon frère ma montre s’apelle "C-'watch condor " elle vient de l’Algérie

Super work! Thank you! :slight_smile:

missing/deleted image from Google+