Vibrating alerts/Watchdroid auto start LEM14 beta 1.2

Hi - not sure whether this belongs here or not so apologies if not …
I can’t seem to find a way to enable text message alerts to cause the watch to vibrate on arrival. What settings do I need to enable for that to happen? Is it even possible on A10?

Secondly, I turn off the watch every night to save battery. The next morning, I rarely remember to switch Watchdroid Assistant back on (mea culpa). Is there a way to make it autostart?

Running the version 6 and no problems with it whatsoever.

Thanks for the hard work!

Are you talking about SMS on your phone, pushed to the watch by using watchdroid? Or are you talking about SMS on your watch?

SMS on my watch, pushed there from the phone. I think I’m getting messages (I seem to catch sight of them when I double tap the watch to reveal the screen, but they vanish immediately, usually). But when I scroll left to the messages ‘page’ there’s nothing there. So it would be great if the phone would vibrate when I get a text as I’m not always exactly next to my phone.

Strange, it works for me. Make sure that silene Mode is disabled.
EDIT: Ok, now I notice that you are pushing the message to the phone. I haven’t ever checked this. It might be a problem on your phone.
I would check it with a 2nd phone to isolate the problem.

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Go to “Notifications”/Behavior in a notification. At the very bottom are several options for notifications including, Vibrate time: Time to show notifications: Quality of the icons. Check what your settings are and adjust to your needs. There is also a test option to ck your settings.


Thanks for the reply, that seems to have sorted it out, at least as far as test messages from Watchdroid are concerned. Not sure which of the settings I changed fixed it but at least it’s working at the moment.

Thanks for your help!

Sorted, Gin, thanks. It’s a very mild vibrate, though.

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…slightly better then no vibrating. :wink: Good to hear that you are sorted.


Anything on the autostart after reboot of Watchdroid … ?

No auto start features. I use Smart Touch Pro(STP) and have the Watch Droid app available anytime anywhere with just a simple tap. You can even access it, when in the Power Save Mode, which I use at night. It burns about 8% overnight. I can also access the PWR settings from STP to turn power save on and off. Lock Screen too. Saves a lot of wear and tear on the power button.

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