VENT watch face

Hey guys, here is my second watch face for the full android round watches. If you are wondering how and why I am doing this, well I am doing this for living, I am a skilled watch face designer at Facer (WEAR OS) and Galaxy Store (TIZEN). I just bought my full android watch KOSPET Optimus Pro for the 4G/LTE abilities and I am actually impressed with the watch and wish to make my own watch faces. I was wondering if there is some kind of a market for these watch faces for that platform where I can show my skills, is you know let me know. Meanwhile here is the VENT watch face! Enjoy!clock_skin_model


Well, you can put your skills to the test here. You just can’t sell anything here. This forum is non-commercial.


Yes I know that and that’s why I’m here :grin:! Love such communities! That’s the place for mind growing!


Interesting design and use of colours almarinov! :+1: :+1: I particularly like the way the battery and weather sub sections are brightly coloured…it not only makes them easy to read at a glance but gives a great contrast to the rest of the face. I am not a big fan of digital readouts, but in this case it is, again, quite easy to see the information at a glance…and the analog hands are very easy to see as well…and thats a big winner with the older Forum members like myself! Looking forward to see more of your design mate! Cheers, Doons


Not sure if its just me but after loading your skins the watch heats up significantly and battery drain was crazy!

I have not had this issue with this . Close all your apps and reboot the watch

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Is it still getting hot? I have no issues with it. You know its just pictures and a file that says when and which pictures to show, nothing like a big processing!

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I had to delete the face as the watch had become unusable. The watch is now fine. Great watch face though!