Velcro wristband for FAW

I have bought this wristband for the KOSPET Prime 2, as I was searching for a slimmer and softer band, without a thick clamp over the pulse, pressing irritating when you use a keyboard and rest your hands on the table. It has all that, so I can really recommend it


Thanks. I’ll check to see see if it’s available in the 24 mm size. I can add it to my growing collection of watch straps.

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I think it is the size of Fenix S

Edit: no, that was wrong …

looks like it wraps around standard spring bars. I have a few of those laying around

Yes they do, and my set came without any, but luckily I had some from some other wristbands which came with double sets.

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I have a similar one on my Lem 10 and by far the most comfortable strap i have ever had


This is what i got on AliEx…:
It is 26mm

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And this Springs i also got for my Prime2:

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