V20 Max Charging/Data Cable

After buying some days ago a new V20 max smartwatch 4G 128GB, I’ve obtained a reply from the vendor :

The stock USB Cable is suitable ONLY for charging the battery and not for data transfer
I’ve read a similar information on other smartwatches… Well, why to put inside 128 Gb of internal memory if there’s no way to copy something on board !!!

Please, someone knows if it is possible to **

** ?

As this is a watch we do not support we cannot be certain. A different 5 pin cable may work ( probably not ). I rarely use data transfer cables and use my phone / gdrive and Rar to move files around

Since there are five contacts, I would ask the seller for a data transfer cable.

He answer that the only cable have 2 pins …

Why does it have 5 pins when there are no data cables to buy? I would make one for myself…

But no problem. Like the Doctor, I recommend using Gdrive for data transfer. Watch faces can be transferred using clockskin transfer, for example. At least if these watch support custom watchfaces.

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You need a " arc " cable but i can only find a 4 pin arc cable :unamused:

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Same here.