Using Nova Launcher on Lem 12 Pro

I’m curious if anybody here is running Nova Launcher successfully on the Lem 12 Pro? I’m experiencing the bottom of dialogue boxes being clipped from the screen and inaccessible, regardless of the scale setting. Does anybody know of a workaround for this type of issue?

Using an app like vysor will allow you to show the watch screen on a PC, but in your case, if no button is visible, it will not solve the issue. Strange that this screen is not scrolling…

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It’s a strange issue that’s persisted through the stock firmware and all three beta versions, and the watch has been factory reset between each update, I’ve been unable to set widgets. It’s not launcher specific, I had the same situation when installing UL.

Do you know of any VNC remote type application for Android which could help with administration tasks on these watches? A remote keyboard application would be very useful

You can also try Teamviewer host on the watch (free for personal use). It work great, except for the menu and back button with FAW firmware.


I had the same problem with other apps, I solved it using a remote mouse app (Zank Remote), it helped me by being able to move the arrow and allow directly from the smartphone.
I hope it can be of help to those who have the same problem

The issue is caused by mismatch between screen resolution and DPI settings. Watch manufacturer simply did not care about proper pure Android scaling because everything was covered by his own launcher. Easy fixable without root:

  1. Open shell (ADB shell or any terminal apk will do).
  2. Type wm density, you should see something like Physical density: 120 in response.
  3. Try to slightly lower it by typing for example wm density 100. Interface should reload and you should see more on the popup. Lower it until everything scales well.
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in the developer options you also have a “dp” Option “smallest sice” and a number “420db” or similar. Change it to a smaller number and test it.
Sometimes it will help to see all buttons from the Apps.
Personally i use the Nova Louncher on any of my FAWs.

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