UPI Pay app on android smartwatch

This post is just for information.

On my KP1 smartwatch, BHIM UPI pay app working fine. I know that Google Pay app is not working on android smartwatches in my region. BHIM app can be a good alternative for GPay app in India. Although its interface is not as good as gpay.

Users from other region should try alternative apps instead of GPay if it is not working.

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I had got even Gpay working on my KP1 watch and used it a few times at retail store also. But, alas, after factory reset again neither Gpay nor BHIM app working. Now i dont know what exactly i did that had made both of them working. I remember that i had tried with Magisk hide. But it is not working now.

Now i am not able to configure them also with my account.

What is the KP1 watch exactly?

Kospet Prime.

Finally, made it to work again. Don’t know how exactly it works internally but Magisk do the magic. I rooted the watch using Magisk and then hide the Magisk app (giving it a different name). After that reinstalled the gpay app and hide it too in magisk. After that gpay is working fine. One important thing is that i rooted the watch by using Direct install option in Magisk.

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