Updating system weather app on Optimus 2

I have been struggling with system weather app on my newly purchased Optimus 2 smartwatch.

It never opens/updates the weather data even after following all suggestions provided in various topics in forum.

Using third party dosent update the weather on clock faces.

Trying to update the system weather app which I downloaded from topic namely “Updated: Android smartwatch app to auto update weather on raise function” by salwan.hemant

But problem is weather app is not being installed through apk file or using adb commands from laptop.

Can anyone guide me how to update the system weather app.

As I was waiting for latest international firmware to be launched but it seems that the development and resolving of bugs of International firmware is going to take some more time.


Now, how’s your weather app in your 02 ?
because i have the same problem.

Go to this thread, you’ll like it.

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