Updating/flashing MTK Smartwatch firmwares

This applies to MTK devices such as the Y3. It works on various smartwatches and phones with MTK CPUs.

NOTE: Make sure that the firmware’s DPI/type you are updating with matches your current one. If your current firmware contains the string “hehui,” you MUST flash a firmware with that same string or you will have DPI/screen issues.


PC running Windows Vista or newer (video shows Win 7: YouTube.com/smartwatchticks )

Three folders with these files (often comes in one ZIP file from vendor’s website):

1. USB Drivers (special code so your PC can talk to your device)

(If not automatically installed by your operating system) mega.nz/#!qlZnCIqB!4qnIjFs0SEm_qUcMpb48LTBn_I9E2vIYoCsy9_4qtlk
2. The latest SP Flash Tool (a program for installing new firmware)
3. Updated Firmware (all the files needed to be flashed to your Smart Device)

Process for Windows 8 or newer:

You must disable driver signature verification. Follow these steps to do that

1. Open the Charms Bar (press Win + C Button)

2. Select Change PC Setings

3. Click Recovery on the left hand side

4. Click Restart Now (below Advanced Startup)

5. Wait for the blue screen, then select Troubleshoot

6. Select Advanced Options, then Startup Settings

7. Click Restart again. You will see some options to choose

8. Select Option 7, to disable driver signature verification

9. When PC boots fully, continue with <b>step 3</b> of the instructions below


Process for Vista and Windows 7:

1. Preparing software

	A. Download required software and unzip the file to reveal the folders

	B. Make sure you know the path to these folders so you can find them

	C. Do NOT connect your device to your PC. That’s the last step

2. Install USB Drivers (you only need to do this once)

	A. If the USB Drivers folder has an automatic installer, use it to install

		a. Follow instructions of automatic installer

		b. When done, go to <b>step 3
B. If no auto installer, then on your PC locate and run Device Manager
	C. Touch any item in the list, then go to Action menu at top

	D. Select Legacy Hardware option to open dialog box

	E. Click next then select the option to install manually and click next

	F. Click the Hard Disk button and locate the USB Drivers

	G. Browse and click on the driver file matching your PC (32 bit or 64 bit)

		a. Not sure? Right Click My Computer and check Properties

	H. Click Next, Next, and Finish. Your USB drivers are installed.

	I. Win 8 or newer, you can now reenable driver signature verification

3. Flashing your new Firmware:

	A. Instructions are for ENG SP_Flash_Tool_v5 and above (v3 works differently)

B. In the SP Flash Tool folder, right click on flash_tool.exe

	C. Select Run as Administrator (wait for it to fully load, takes time)

	D. On right side click on Scatter Loading

	E. Navigate to your new Firmware folder and open the scatter_file

	F. File names will be loaded. Don’t check any that are not checked

	G. Select Download Only from drop down menu above listed files

	H. Tap Download button and proceed to plugging in you device

	I. If you can, remove battery, then reinstall battery but do not turn on

		a. If not removable, make sure device is completely off

		b. If device is stuck booting, let it run until battery is fully empty

	J. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable and wait

		a. Do not turn device on at any time, and do not disconnect!

		b. Best not to touch or wiggle wire or otherwise interrupt process

		c. If battery was dead it may take extra long for battery to charge

		c. Make sure your PC has strong battery, best if plugged into power

	K. Once you see green OK on computer screen, disconnect your device

a. Device should boot up normally if it has battery power
. This can take a few minutes, so don’t panic.

b. If device doesn’t boot up, try this

1. Remove battery if you can and reinstall

			2. Put your device in recovery mode (not covered here as it depends on the device)

			3. Do a factory reset (also not covered here)

			4. Check elsewhere on Internet for advanced help

hi, if i want to flash my watch, what is the watch setting in ‘developer options’?
in ‘developer options’ > should i turn on > usb debugging ?

oem unlocking ?
thanks for advise

Mar 23, 2017 10:33:41 GMT 1 jackylim said:
hi, if i want to flash my watch, what is the watch setting in 'developer options'? in 'developer options' > should i turn on > usb debugging ?

oem unlocking ?
thanks for advise

No need to do that normally.

u mean no need to do any setting in the watch.

Mar 23, 2017 13:27:59 GMT 1 jackylim said:
u mean no need to do any setting in the watch.

Yes exactly.

thanks for your advise

hi, i still cannot flash my watch.

The watch should be off before starting the process.

Mar 23, 2017 15:06:30 GMT 1 jackylim said:
hi, i still cannot flash my watch.

what msg do you get when trying to flash? what it the model of the watch?

link to USB DRIVERS for MTK devices, isn’t working… Anyone has WORKING link?

Try this