UPDATED POST! Firmware for Optimus Pro and Hope - UPDATED 18.09.2020 New version for Optimus Pro

yes I did and I screwed things up.
I reverted everything and I won’t be trying that again

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Are you talking about kernel or cpu?
You can’t edit the kernel without serious problems and it’s not good to adjust cpu either.
I have found that messing around with the cpu brings bad results in battery life and performance

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I think it depends how many posts you have. If it was one of his first posts the edit option might not appear at first…


yes maybe he was simply still a new user without adequate admin type credentials, when i first joined i wasn’t able to edit and had to wait for post approval until i was granted full user access.

Thanks everybody for the editing worriness :slight_smile: but Pablo, I would appreciate a (short) comment about my previous message…can we expect some improvements in the future on Kospet Optimus?. Or it will be Apple approach of “we only solve bugs”.
It is just to know and to avoid useless expectations.

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I am adding a new Optimus Pro firmware. It is for the 3gb + 32gb model.
Added a new menu item to the app list.
It is kind of “tuning” app.
You can freeze apps, change compatibility, move from performance mode to normal mode and a couple of other options.
The performance option is an attempt to help with the system getting hot.
If you switch to normal mode then hopefully the heat will not be a problem.
These options were a bit buried in previous versions so it will be interesting to see if this helps at all.

I will say this - this is a kind of beta test because I am still testing it myself. I using it at the moment and so far it seems fine - but I never had a problem with mine anyway so it’s hard to say if it helps or not.
It’s completely up to you if you want to test it. If everything works out well then it will become production.
Link is up the top in the original post


Good morning @pablo11 and thanks for your work.
I would like to upgrade to beta v3: I have v2.7 and twrp and Magisk and xposed flashed. What’s the procedure for updating without losing all the things I have got?

You will lose these.
There is no way of upgrading the system image without having to re-install TWRP and Magisk boot and Exposed.
It would be the same if you upgrade any firmware. You also cannot take an OTA unless you go back to stock first.
These are basic rules for rooting devices.


it should present no significant problems sir :slight_smile:

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It’s pretty straight forward to reinstall these things. I do it almost every day :grin:


Ok thank you. It’s been a while since I had to root my last phone… So I think there’s some rust in my memory that needs to be cleaned! Cheers

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sad to report overheating and battery drain at 10% an hour when idle with 3.0
rolling back to 2.6.
thank you and have a good day


Hmm - I don’t have this experience at all.
Which is a worry…

So the switching between normal and performance mode made no difference at all ?
I’m surprised that you didn’t give it a chance to go through at least one power cycle as part of your testing.

So let’s be clearer - if you want to test this firmware properly - you will need to use it for a couple of days and at least through one discharge and recharge cycle to get any results at all.
You will also need to use the Firmware Upgrade option in SP Tools or perform a factory reset after flashing. I do both - just to be sure.
This is extremely important !!

There is not much point in the company giving us firmware to test if we only use it for a couple of hours.
However - thanks to any of you who do :handshake::handshake:!!
Please remember - this is a voluntary testing option.
If you are happy with your watch right now then don’t worry about testing this.
It is absolutely your choice to try it or not.


didn’t test the performance mode as I’m mainly interested in preserving the charge, and not interested at all in increasing performance.
I did a factory reset after the flash and I charged the watch up just to get an idea on how battery life is before I start flashing TWRP , Magisk, xposed and such.

unfortunately it showed to be less than ideal ; I noticed that the watch is kind of warm just laying on my desk doing nothing and the battery was draining fast, so I assumed the watch would behave just like it did running 2.7.

as I was more than happy with 2.6 (especially paired with amplify and gms doze) I rolled back to it immediately, the heat/drain problems just disappeared and performance went back to excellent.

I might give another shot to 3.0 though



Thanks very much.
This explains your situation.
I appreciate your reply.

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When the watch is turned on, the watch consumes about 1-2% of the energy per hour (Watch Droid). I use an alarm clock (for vibration only). If the alarm starts to vibrate and I end it, the power consumption has risen to 10% per hour since then. Only a restart will help. It does this in all firmware listed here

that is a specific detail to notice, but glad we are now all informed.

That’s interesting.
I use the alarm as well but I haven’t noticed this behavior.
Thanks for the heads up and I will test it.

I guess you suffer from ledswakelock bug.

Good morning @pablo11, Yesterday I decided to give v3.0 beta a try.
Unfortunately the performance option doesn’t help with the overheating issue: almost anytime I download content (music, web surfing, etc…) for more than (let’s say) a couple of minutes (not a couple of hours), I got the overheating issue as on the previous versions (tested personally v1.6, v2.5, v2.7).
As said above, the issue seem related to data exchange from the internet and is becoming very frustrating.
Hope this feeback helps to have a better product in the future. However count me in if you need a beta tester!
Cheers, and thank you for your job!