These watch faces are inspired by Bell&Ross Desert Type Ceramic Collection:

I made quite a lot of changes to the original design trying to obtain a variety of watch faces that go from the original design to some hybrid ones. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

In most of them I included a spanish version for the weekdays and months, all you have to do is choose, with Clock Skin Maker, the spanish version of the respective array.

Programs used:

  • ClockSkinMaker
  • GIMP
  • XML Copy Editor

Link to download (updated):

Absolutely AWESOME. Thank you very much, I’ve been waiting for some talented individual to do these.

Now if we can twist your arm to do the BR 01 Flight Instruments…

Thank You…

Very nice look! Simply the best!

Thanks Alberto! Really nice WF!

Great stuff!

Alberto, thanks for your nice designs, however I notice that the ana-digi designs lack the *.png graphic file corresponding to the month of March either in english and spanish, also the month_array.xml file does not include any reference to this missing file but repeats the reference to February.

Masterwork, thanks you!

@Juan_Gabriel_Martine Thanks Juan Gabriel, you are right. I have corrected the missing month of March (both in english and spanish) and now you can download the new version.

How to install on KW88 ?

Beautiful the best watch face

Very good job : Thanks !

This is my best watch face. Thank you…good job

I’ve a ton of them but this are my favorite too!

Hey Alberto, I was able to feature one of your watches from this collection in a recent SWT video on KW88 watch face installation here: https://youtu.be/_7XelaF5zZs?t=1645 Thanks!

Thanks for this beautiful model.
Please post a new link for download, because the one above is not working anymore. Thanks again

Hi Alberto,

congrats for this superb watch face! I really love it and want to download it, but unfortunately, the link is down. Can you post the link where I can download it? Thanks a lot in advance!

Download link???

@Harry_M.J_Dekkers I’ve updated the link. Enjoy them.