Updated: Android smartwatch app to auto update weather on raise function

Hello @salwan.hemant

  1. APK can’t be installed (APK weather already installed).
  2. App crash (independent if battery is optimized or not optimized).
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hello, when I turn off the clock and turn it on again I have to open the application and hit star services, is there any way for it to stay permanently open even if you turn off the phone?

You can check with updated app.


Just awesome ! :+1:On my Lemfo lem14 :watch: works perfectly :+1: Thank you :wink::+1:


Does anyone is able to run weather on raise on a LEM14 International FAW firmware? Mine keep crashing when weather auto-update is selected. (Battery saver disable)

Goto settings- apps and notifications- special app access- unresticted data. Enable the weather app.

The weather on raise app is already with unrestricted data. The weather app (com.android.watchweather.apk) is not in the list of app that can set with unrestricted data.
Note that I use the watchweather.apk that is provided with the International FAW firmware, not the one provided with weather on raise. Can this be the problem?

At the FAW firmware, I seem that “com.android.watchweather” is a little different from stok firmware. So I tkink this nice App don’t work.

In FAW firmware for LEM14, I can do automatic update the weather app by using macrotool via Broadcast intent.

It means I can use broadcast intent as below in “Automate” (macrotool app, for example);
Package: “com.android.watchweather”
Receiver: “com.android.watchweather.WeatherNewAppWidget”

And I heard FAW firmware has new plan. Its next change.

So you can get the feature at next version without macrotool etc. , I guess.


I have the same problem with my FEM 14 running the new International Firmware. I think it’s probably the Weather app that is causing the problem.