UPDATE : TISSOT PRC200 Credit to original design by Tissot http://us.tissotshop.com/tissot-prc-200-quartz-chronograph-3.html 3 Colors :


Credit to original design by Tissot

3 Colors :
Black : https://goo.gl/W1Gwe5
Blue : https://goo.gl/AMW5VT
Silver : https://goo.gl/5yQrPx

Want to send Donation : https://goo.gl/bkhKJO

Thanks to @Tim Costello
I’m learning the trick how to create the date array from his watch face

@Tim_Costello From now on, I’ll call you Trixy :wink:

These definitely fall into the very very category of niceness :slight_smile:

Really nice design. Thanks @Julian_H_Jharrvis

These zip can be converted somehow apk for use in the kw88?

wow!! very nice work.

@J.A_Nieto you don’t need to convert, just use my clockskin app.

I will send the flowers to smbd who will make the standalone apk for KW88! @Julian_H_Jharrvis and @Tim_Costello would you give the permission to use your projects for KW88 (apk) ?

I could convert this into standalone APK. Takes about 1 hour. Would need to know how the original second dial ticks. Could make it that if you slide up it would change colour backplate.

Wondelful work!

I think the black one is the best colour for KW88 and is enough. The example how it works is here:

I need an apk format for my KW88… anyone can help?

If @Julian_H_Jharrvis consents I will build a three color version APK. Is there also a dimmed design?

@Eric_Crochemore Hi I would like to install the tissot watchface. But all these are zip files and I don’t know what you mean by your clockskin app. Can you share me the download link maybe?

@Phyo_Aung_Khant Here it is : https://plus.google.com/u/0/108584728070544203539/posts/J6thuAFkrum

May i know if i already installed a watch face still can install how many more? Or everytimes need install - uninstall?
missing/deleted image from Google+

Hi All, I give you permission to use this WF using @Eric_Crochemore apk and @Kenneth_Tan to convert to apk for other watch type. the watch face is not include dimming functions. but, as I remember, I add dimmed clock skin panel in black version if I’m not mistaken.

@Julian_H_Jharrvis Great! Thank you! And thx @Kenneth_Tan too :+1::blush:

Almost done with the conversion.
Ran into a stupid problem with the mini dials last night.
Swiping up changed the color of the dial and Swiping down exits the wf app.
I’m in the home stretch.

I am also excited about this