Upcoming Releases

Good morning, I would like to ask if you know of any upcoming release of Lemfo, Kospet, etc. And if companies are going to continue betting on the FAW Smartwatch, or are they going to lean towards Smartwatches with Wear OS? It is a concern that I have, and perhaps someone is informed about it. Thank you.

They are focused on the BT bands due to the fact that they are cheap to make and fairly low risk if they do not sell well.

They are looking at something that might be possible later in the year but it’s hard to say at the moment.

Lokmat has a few Android devices in their line-up at the moment.
They are looking at releasing another one reasonably soon, but it looks like it is from the same factory that made the unsupportable S999 rectangular watch using the HEBS solution.
So we will not be interested in it, or supporting it.

Overall, it is a very quiet time and after the terrible last couple of years (many companies went under in China, during covid) the remaining brands are playing it safe until stability returns.