Untitled, maybe XCY

Can anyone try it and answer me if it’s OK? Thanks.
Preview: clock_skin_model
Download: untitled.zip - Google Drive


Could be considered one of the most beautiful rectangular Watchfaces :ok_hand:
Everything seems to work, “full” is that moon ?

Very nice. Only I find that with all that space, the digital features seems squeezed together in a little space, but I do recognize it is a design feature of that folded black band they are displayed in.


Looks great and everything works fine! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the reply, I would like to make some rectangular faces and I wanted to know if the resolution is correct. I mention that I do not have a rectangular watch. Thanks again for the feedback


Moon phases yes, thank you

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That is GREAT news :heart:
There are only a very limited selection of rectangular Watchfaces.

And you’re right, there’s a lot of space in rectangular watches.

Looks great Vladimir! :+1: I can’t use it myself, but I can appreciate that beautiful design and, as @Dotsfar said, there are all too few square watch faces on the forum, so your designs are going to be greatly welcomed :+1: Cheers, Doons


I’ve installed it and it is working fine.
Thank you