Unsupoted DW89 watch faces

Hi, Friends, I recently purchased DW89 Android 8.1 Watch:

I need rectangle animated faces, almost most of the links in this forums are old and not active, if someone can please provide me the zip files for all the faces for this watch it would be very helpful.


Well, first of all, you can’t install watch faces on this watch - at least not with the stock launcher. It will only work with the universal launcher.

Nobody here will choose the watch faces that fit this watch, you will have to do this work yourself. If you find a dead link, write a short comment under the affected watch face. Then we check whether it can be repaired. Most of the links should work, even if there aren’t many watchfaces for watches with this screen format yet.


I would like to tell one more thing, when I installed Watch Clockskin 3.6, i found “Dial Market” in my phone where there are some custom Skin for this phone and they open with the Stock Launcher named “HWatchLauncher” version 2.4.3.

Second, I will try the Watchmaker in time. Thanks

Yes, that is of course possible. I was talking about custom watch faces. And since you talked about links not working, I assumed you were also talking about custom faces.

Forgive me for sounding silly, but are you saying that installing the Universal Launcher v3.6 has added a “Dial Market” app shortcut?
Or was this “Dial Market” there before you installed the launcher?
Dial Market is a Chinese app and they use the word Dial instead of watch face.
@Eric_Crochemore is this possible?


He wanted to say that he only discovered the Dial market after it was installed. UL does not install any additional apps.

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Thanks @G1NT0N1C
That is good news.
Cheers :+1:

Yes, I have reset my clock 2 times and started everything from scratch, but I am not able to see the “Dial Market” icon without the Watchclockskin App.
It is only available after I install Watchclockskin 3.6
Here are the screenshots:







Also, I see 2 Settings icon.

The dial icon is a stock app. Only the icon looks different if you have UL installed. In the stock launcher it is called “style settings”.
The reason why several settings icons are displayed on this watch after installation is that some of the package names of these apps are identical. (UL then differentiates between the apps and then assigns appropriate icons).
Same package names shouldn’t actually happen and shows once again why we don’t support these watches here: The OS is poorly programmed, many things don’t work or only work to a very limited extent.

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I have the following watches: DW88, PGD or Appllp 4 with A8.1
and the (X8 ultra 4G) with A10 my experience is the following: configuring custom faces on these watches: In both versions Universal Launcher works well, except that in the A8.1 version it only loads the time information, it only shows the temperature Current information on personalized faces, information such as steps, heart rate, calories, distance is not displayed, the same goes for data such as sunrise time, sunset time and others. information such as wind speed, etc.

However, in the version with A10 it loads all this information, the only thing it does not load is the barometer and compass information because the X8 ultra has these sensors and they work very well.

There is no application in the play store that recognizes the heart rate sensor that these watches come with, both A8.1 and A10 do not work with heart fit or heart on top, these applications do not recognize or do not read the HR sensor they come with. these watches.
I also see that the GPS picks up a signal much easier in version 8.1 than in the version with A10, so if you need to use the GPS on your watch a lot, I recommend the version with A8.1 more but on the DW88 watch, the PGD or Appllp 4 The GPS signal is not very good.

The watch with the black strap is the X8 ultra with A10, the one with the camouflage strap is PGD A8.1 and the one with the orange strap is the DW88 with A8.1.



The A10 one is fake.
It’s 8.1 made to look like Android 10.
It also does not have an NFC chip, regardless of the fact that the UI says it is always on.
It doesn’t work well because they have stripped too much from the system and used fake settings app etc.

Sorry about the picture quality but this is from an app called hardware info and you can download it from the play store.
This is the X8 Ultra model.

None of them are supported here for obvious reasons.


I already imagined that it wasn’t Android 10. Because it’s VERY limited.
Do you know how to activate the “Developer Function on these Full Android Smartwatches?”

Well, it’s not really a “full” android watch, in my opinion…
Try this one to activate developer options:

Yep, that’s what I used to enable usb debugging and that’s when I realised that it was a total waste of time to try and do anything with the watch.
The system has been so heavily modified/stripped that it’s just not worth the effort.


The version with A10 already has the developer options unlocked but in A8.1 I have not even been able to activate them with the “android dev launcher” app.

They are both Android 8.1.
They both have cut down settings app.
However, two different types of settings app.
I only bothered to try the X8 Ultra.
To be honest, don’t worry about it.
It doesn’t make any difference if adb is working or not. It’s not worth worrying about it because they are all equally bad.


The guys from DT No.1 are supposedly gonna send me a unit of the Android watch they’re gonna launch, which is identycal to these ones. If they do, I’ll install Universal Launcher and will start to make watchfaces for it. If any of you who has these watches wanna help me to test the watchfaces on them to check if they work correctly, you are more than welcome!

I can confirm that UL will work (partical) on these Watches. Hartrate an some other Araytypes doesn’t work.

@G1NT0N1C well, i think i never used the heartrate in watchfaces but you know i usually use the date info, the weather and temp, the battery info… and others. Do you know which other ones doesn’t work? Anyeays, when I receive the watch, i’ll test which ones works and which ones doesn’t