Unresponsive touch screen

Hello my friends. I am a happy owner of a Lemfo LEM4 pro watchphone. It has been working fine but sometimes the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. No matter how the screen is touched to do any task such as dialing a number or answering a call, it doesn’t work at all. I have touch it soft, hard, keep my finger touching etc. Sometimes when another app is opened, the touchscreen responses fine. What can be going wrong? I have lost several phone calls because after ringing, I touch to respond the call but the phone doesn’t respond. I appreciate your help.

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Usually a simple full reset fixes many issues . Also make sure the firmware is the latest . Thanks


Thanks for your reply and help. I already reset the watch but to no avail. Perhaps`s. as you say, if I update the firmware the problem will be fixed. Can you please tell me where to find it inclusing download instructions? Thanks again.


Is there not OTA update available or have you checked . If so make sure you full reset afterwards


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Thank you for your help. I tried to download the firmware but I get the attached screenprint.
Please tell me what to do.

Try again, it’s working here.


put m. in front of drive.go…

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Perhaps I am too ignorant but you nice guys give me advice in terms I don’t understand. You say “Try again, it’s working here” what are you referring to? and “noidremained” is telling me “put m in front of drive go”. Just don’t understand. I don’t want to appear dumb but sometimes abbreviated language is not easy to understand. By the way, I have reset the phone THREE TIMES and the unresponsive touchscreen continues. I couldn’t respond to a couple of phone calls I received this morning. I appreciate your help very much, my friends.

Out of curiosity I clicked on the link for Lem4Pro and got the same message. “No Preview available. File is in owner’s trash.”

If you change

drive.google.com/file/rest-of-the-link/ to
m.drive.google.com/file/etc etc etc/

in the address bar, it works then
Alternatively you could view and download it from a mobile device
Just add “m.” in front of “drive.google.com” in the link :slight_smile:

Or you could go straight to this link to download the file

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I did the same and had no problem and not this message…

**" you can go straight to this link to download the file· what link"
Definitively it is extremely complex trying to update firmware on my phone, specially for common “Joe Average” citizens with little or no knowledge on advanced technology. I think I will just have to leave the phone with this unresponsive touchscreen. It is a pity but I see no simple way of solving this problem. Thanks for your good will, my friends.

if you click on “this link”, it will take you to the site
here’s the link:- https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1U8mqsiOg8iYM-ZiKO6NFORnb-VLYPap4&export=download
if you see the videos you will see that it’s not that hard, and if you run into any difficulties we are here on the forum to try and help you :slight_smile:


Who is the carrier for your watch I’m talking about the Lemfo. I cant seem to find a carrier to put a plan on it some carriers don’t support it

Don’t know where you are located so the rules vary. I’m in the US and use prepaid Speed Talk Sim cards that run on the T-mobile network. They start at $5 a month, no contract but offer auto fill with a CC. They are available on Amazon. Your carrier may offer a data or phone card but it won’t necessarily be connected to your account. It is usually freestanding just like Speed Talk cards but usually more expensive. Carriers want you to buy on of the watches they sell and none I checked with will allow you to add your Android watch to your account.