Unable to connect prime 2

Hi guys

Im really struggling to connect my prime 2 to my samsung z fold 4.

I have downloaded wiiwatch onto my phone. I have then gone into the watch to the connect phone section and then scanned the QR code.
But once done that the wiiwear either says connection failed or in the app it just constantly says awaiting connection.

I have tried about 20 times now and rebooted the phone and watch several time s

Does anyone know what im doing wrong please

You need to scan the first QR code on the watch (with your phone) to get the latest version of WiiWear to install on your phone.
Not sure if you did that or not?

Once Wiiwear is installed you use the Wiiwear app on your phone to scan the second (pairing) QR code on the watch.

Do not use the phone BT settings to pair the watch.
You should go to the phone BT settings and clear any watch pairing settings that you may have.
Then start fresh.

There are many posts here about it and links to videos etc…
You can use the search function here in the forum to find anything you need :+1:

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Thanks for th reply.
Im not sure what you mean about scanning first to get the the latest wiiwear as i just downloaded to from playstore. Where is this QR code on the watch as can only find the one thats for connecting the watch and phone.

If you are able can you link me to a good post about this as im not sure what one to use as their is loads like you say.

Again thank you.

Why don’t you try watchdroid? I guess it’s the better choice- in my opinion.

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Watchdriod ? I have looked for that in play store but cant find it.



The 1st one is for the phone. The 2nd for the watch.

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Thank you.

But at the risk of sounding stupid how doni install it on the watch ?

Exactly the same way as on your phone. Go to the playstore and install it on your watch. In fact, your watch is a tiny android phone.

I have just installed the app onto the watch but when i go to the phone version on my phone it tell me that this foldable isnt compatible with this app.
As i have the z fold 4 do you know of another app or a work around ?

Hmm, it works fine on my z Flip 3. It should be possible to make it work in any way, for example by downloading with another smartphone and copy it.
There isn’t any other app.

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I have gotnl it working thanks for all the help.
I downloaded the APK and installed it via that. Seems to work fine now