Ugly watch face design

Hi guys after upgrading the firmware to v3.0 and after complete upgraded.
I browsing the watch face, all the watch face content are ugly design and the one i wanted is not sure still existed or not. i been scrolling down many times but i can’t find the exact watch face that i applied before, it was very simple design with batter indicator on it and all black with simple number and needle.

Are you refering to the faces in the list when you press the " + " symbol at the end of the face list . If so a lot of basic ones where made by me , my son and @SmartWatch_Ticks . They were removed from the server around 6 months ago . Here is a copy of them


Hi Andy, You, Your Son & SmartWatch_Ticks…now that has to be a creative trio! :+1: Might I be so bold as to ask if these faces are for Standard, Or Universal Launcher? Cheers, Doons

100% stock launcher . Not Ul :+1: . Team work eh :wink:

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Andy, please pass on my most sincere thanks to your two esteemed collaborators! :+1: And while your at it, take a heaps of thanks for yourself mate! :+1: :+1:I’ll start going through them now! Cheers, Doons

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Your welcome . We had a lot of fun :+1:

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Thanks for all your comments

Does anybody know where the system store the folders that contain the watch faces datas pls ?
I am asking that because I would like to know whether is it possible to modify the originals or imported watch faces.

Hi . This is not possible ( well sort off ) and we have a agreement with the manufacturers . We dont copy there faces and they dont copy ours :+1:

Damn. But I should say (while i am improving my english) that “one doesn’t exclude the other” :wink:

anyway thanks to you and the forum because now I have realized that I could download so great watch faces for my watch. I will not lose time to modify the manufacturer’s ones !

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I was seeing a lot of watch like just auto generated wallpaper and to many of them, how i remove these permanently when I browse though? they don’t look professional.