U-BOAT Chimera (ClockSkin for X5)

I want to share my first skin for X5 (400 x 400px)
U-BOAT Chimera (Beige)


U-BOAT Chimera (Beige Invert)


inspired by U-BOAT Chimera
graphics by Nester

tools used:
Adobe Photoshop
ClockSkin Maker

additional links:

Add proper credits, please.

Dec 2, 2016 23:22:38 GMT 1 Ciro Danise said:
Add proper credits, please.

Done. It's ok now?

hey nester, it’s really beautiful and good looking watch face. thanks.!!

How to installed?? I have x5 plus

Can’t, there’s no DL link. Hopefuly he will put it on our face hosting partner WatchAWear (link)