TWRP for H2 On this forum works, but inverts the screen.

First let me say a bug thank you for this forum and to who ever ported TWRP to the H2. The TWRP posted in this forum for the H2 does work, however upon going into TWRP recovery the screen is upside down…however the touch remains the right way round (i.e you have to touch the top of the watch screen to press a button on the bottom of the screen). This makes using the TWRP quite difficult. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue or who ported the TWRP to the H2? Thanks for your assistance.

It was made for the original H2 which had a different screen.
Sadly this happens a lot with these watches.
Unfortunately we don’t have the newest H2 and so your best option is to use Magisk manager to patch the boot image and in the meantime I will see if I can find a recovery that works for you.

The factory firmware recovery SP Flash Files on this forum also flip the screen in android if used on this later version H2 watch. This can however be fixed by adjusting a setting in build.prop (something like hworientation=180 if i remember correctly). You may wish to warn other users about this on the twrp and factory firmware download pages.

I’ve emailed the makers of the H2 to see if there is a later version of the restore files. I will contact you if I get anything :+1:

No news for TWRP inverted screen ?!

Oct 8, 2018 22:32:57 GMT 1 pycon said:
No news for TWRP inverted screen ?!

Seems a dead project this TWRP


it is better to ask on the threads of TWRPs you’ll get the answer:)