TWRP 3.0.2 recovery for LES1

First TWRP 3.0.2 recovery port for LEMFO LES1 with multi-language support.

LES1 must have firmware v20170311 (here).
SP Flash tool must be a newer version, I use the v5.1628

*** WARNING ***
DO NOT APPLY any OTA update after you have flashed this recovery! This could (soft)brick your watch.
OTA updates require stock recovery.

On LES1 the stock ROM includes a service which overwrite recovery partition at every reboot if it’s different from the stock.
To overcome this issue I included also a patched version of the boot.img, from the v20170311 ROM, which is exactly as the stock version but the recovery overwrite service is disabled.
The included scatter file is modified to load both the recovery and the boot image files; no changes to partitions layout are present.
* Newer firmwares *
If you have a newer firmware version, please read my how-to (here) for updating your boot.img after you successfully flash the TWRP recovery.

To install, use the usual procedure for flashing the recovery with SP Flash Tool. Don’t do it if you are not 101% sure of what you are doing.
Usual disclaimers apply *** I am not responsible for anyone’s issues here. Use this at your own risk !! ***

  1. Load the supplied scatter file in SP Flash Tool
  2. Make sure that no other other files is selected, ONLY boot and recovery must be selected, and press “download”.
  3. Power off the watch and then connect it to your PC and it will flash in few seconds.

That’s all.

TWRP 3.0.2 for LES1

Sorry but It can’t find the address of the firmware when I try to download (LES1 must have firmware v20170311 (here))

So, when you click on “here” you go nowhere or you are able to open the next page but the link in the page is not working?

Before the “here” didn’t work it cant find the address. Now I check it again and I download it. Thanks

zeblaze thour ok?

I don’t have a Zeblaze Thor so I can’t test it, but from what I can check, they are the same watch.
So, the best I can say, it’s … maybe.